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Do you dread having to climb up to clean your home’s windows? Or does your commercial property feel dull because its windows haven’t been cleaned in years? If so, you’ll likely want to invest in the services of licensed and certified window cleaning experts. Window cleaning pros offer a range of professional window cleaning solutions that help restore your windows’ appearance and bring more natural lighting back into your property. They can also save you the trouble of climbing onto your roof, investing in tools, or attempting to clean windows at greater heights. With window cleaning pros, you can trust them to take care of the hard work for you and bring your windows back to life!

About Us

Fort Lauderdale Window Pros provides the city’s most reliable and affordable window cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you’re looking to remove years of buildup or you simply need some assistance cleaning your skylights, our team is eager and ready to assist you further with your window cleaning needs. No windows are too high or too big for our team, and we make it simple to get brighter and clearer visibility for your property.

Our Services

As window cleaning professionals, we’re delighted to offer a wide range of window cleaning services for all types of windows and properties, including interior window cleaning, exterior window cleaning, pressure, and soft washing, skylight cleaning, window pressure cleaning, exterior house washing, stucco and siding cleaning, gutter cleaning, and carpet and floor cleaning. We have experience in cleaning virtually any surfaces around your home and can make them look and feel like new again.

Windows Cleaning Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Our window cleaning services were designed with comfort and affordability in mind. We can efficiently clean your home’s windows, any multistory windows, as well as skylights, solar panels, and any window inserts throughout your home. Our team clears off dirt and debris from the interior window panels and from the exterior panels, giving you the clarity and visibility you want from your windows. We can also remove stains, hardened buildup, and any films or discoloration that have appeared on your windows.

Pressure Washing Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Pressure washing uses a heavy-duty hose that exerts water with greater force to remove excess dirt and debris buildup on your hard surfaces. It’s great for stucco and siding cleaning, window pressure cleaning, patio pressure cleaning, exterior house washing, and porch, deck, or retaining wall cleaning. The force of the water adequately removes unwanted dirt from the crevices and pores of your outdoor surfaces.

House Washing Lauderdale Lakes, FL

House washing services enable you to restore the exterior appearance of your home. Whether your home is made up of stone, brick, concrete, or you’ve got muddied siding, our team can assist with revitalizing its appearance and removing the unwanted debris. We typically use pressure washing to remove the excess buildup in the pores of some materials or that can become lodged in the ridges of textured materials. When we’re finished, you’ll forget how dirt your home’s exterior was and appreciate how beautiful it is now!

Gutter Cleaning Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Removing debris from your gutters protects your home and prevents debris from hardening or building on the roof or around the edges of your home’s exterior. We use specialty gutter cleaning vacuums that help suction out all of the debris and remove it in bulk so water can continue flowing freely and effortlessly through your gutters.

Commercial Services Lauderdale Lakes, FL

We offer professional commercial window cleaning services that are specially designed for our commercial clients and those that operate large-scale buildings. We can assist with expert window cleaning solutions for skyscrapers, architectural features on buildings and enhance the natural beauty that your building has to offer with our commercial window cleaning services.

Sliding Glass Door Replacement & Repair Lauderdale Lakes, FL

If you are having any issues with your sliding doors, whether they are not working like they used to or need some repair. Maybe there is something wrong with the tracks and/or hinges or maybe one of them has lost its transparency because of wear-and tear over time; either way this means that opening up those impressive glass panels needs attention now!

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