Bathroom Repair Services

Your bathroom should be an enjoyable place to be. Allowing you to have that relaxing soak in the bath, or a simple clean, and powerful shower, your home should have a bathroom that you love to be in. As your local handyman services near you, we can deal with everything from repairs to brand new installations to complete refits. Whatever your bathroom needs, we are the team to make it happen! Our goal is to keep the bathrooms of Hollywood, Fl, looking their best and functioning highly at all times! And for an affordable cost too!

Bathroom Repairs

As experts in all thing’s bathrooms, here at Broward Handyman, we can bring your bathroom back to its best, repairing everything required to make sure it is up and running, functioning well, and looking great! Able to perform every service required, we can cover all your plumbing requirements as well as unblocking toilets, repairing and cleaning extractor fans, dealing with leaking pipes and taps, and repairing any sealant issues. Whatever your bathroom requires, we can provide a high-quality service that solves it!

Bathroom Installation

If you require a new bathroom installation, we are the team to help! Instead of outsourcing your needs to a bunch of different companies, save yourself time, effort, and potential confusion, by receiving all the work that you need from the one team. With experts who are extremely experienced in all aspects of bathroom fitting, we can install every element of plumbing to toilets to tiles and much more. Whatever you need, we can help bring your new bathroom to reality. With affordable costs, our goal is to ensure that your bathroom is exactly how you want it. Our services are all about making sure you get the best deal, culminating in a beautiful bathroom that will retain its aesthetic for many years to come.

Bathroom Refits

If your bathroom requires a refit, you have come to the right place! With our staff’s diverse background, we are the perfect match to ensure an excellent job is done in the refitting of your bathroom. Efficiently removing your existing bathroom, we work with great attention to detail to ensure that no damage occurs. We remove all waste from your site, and where possible, get rid of it sustainably. Once this has taken place, your new bathroom will be installed with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a beautiful and slick finish that will last!


Grouting is the element of your bathroom that makes it look grubby and worn down. The place between tiles that mold loves to take hold of; it often takes a professional to rejuvenate it back to its installation freshness. We offer a service that completely cleans the grouting. We can also perform a color sealing that will re-color your grout. This not only rejuvenates the aesthetic but also reseals the area, protecting you further from issues caused by humidity as we commonly see in bathrooms. At a low cost, this service will utterly rejuvenate your bathroom!

Should you hire a Bathroom Repair Services?

If you have anything in your Bathroom that needs fixing, doing it on your own might not be the best choice to make. You may not be as skilled or capable, and in the end, you might make things worse. You should hire a Bathroom Repair Services to cover all your needs!

Bathroom Repair Services can fix any problems you may have quickly and effectively. We offer emergency Bathroom Repair services if you need them! This means we will be there to help with a problem when it arises. And for all our work, we charge affordable rates that won’t break the bank!

Choosing the Right Bathroom Repair Services for you

Finding the right Bathroom Repair Service for you is crucial. There are many out there that may not be reliable or trustworthy and overcharge just to make more money! We know how important it is to find a good, honest Bathroom Repair Services that will do quality work at an affordable price- so we offer low rates on all our services!

It is important to choose a Bathroom Repair Services that you trust will take care of all your needs. We are committed to customer satisfaction and providing the best service possible. Our company is licensed, bonded, insured for both residential and commercial properties! This ensures peace of mind in knowing there won’t be any surprises after we’ve left.

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