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Your home is the place that should be perfect for you. It should represent your own safe haven and we know how important it is that everything is up and running to its best and looking beautiful. Broward Handyman provides residential handyman services that will ensure this is the case! With a team of professional tradesmen, we offer all the residential and commercial repair services that you could ever need to keep your home looking great and up to date.

From bathroom installation to furniture repair and drywall replacement, we have the team to deal with everything! Save yourself the time and effort of having to call around to a bunch of companies. Instead work only with us to receive professional and expert services that help you deal with all your household issues!

About Us

Broward Handyman has been serving the communities of Hollywood, Fl for many years. With a team of extremely experienced tradesmen, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep your home in working order and looking its best. Offering every service you could need to keep your home running well, we work hard to keep our costs low but our standards high! Unlike other companies, we pride ourselves on high standards and honesty, so you can be assured that our advice is always given to benefit you! If we believe that a repair is going to be less cost-efficient than purchasing a replacement, that is the recommendation we will give. Our priority is that your home and your wallet benefit from our knowledge!

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Our Services

We offer a diverse range of services to our local neighborhoods. From one-off bookings through to consistent treatments throughout the year, we will tailor our work to suit you and your property. Every job that we do is uniquely crafted to serve exactly what your marble needs. As a natural stone, it is extremely sensitive and must be dealt with responsively and considerately. All work that we do is specific to what your marble needs, so you can be assured that unlike other companies who propose only set package deals, we will not ask you to pay for or perform any unnecessary work. This can not only damage your bank balance but also the stone by overworking- our priority is keeping that marble at its best!

Furniture Assembly

If you are looking for someone to provide furniture assembly services, look no further! As your local experts, with years of experience, we can provide excellent quality work efficiently and effectively to get your home in the best condition it can be. Able to work with all brands, types, and styles of furniture assembly, our team knows just how to assemble what you need. Saving you time, effort, and at a low cost, get in touch today to book your furniture assembly service!

Repair Work

For the best home repair services in Hollywood, Fl, you have come to the right place! Offering repairs for all elements of your home, Broward Handyman can deal with all your indoor, outdoor, and structural repairs along with any to-do list that you have been putting off. Offering affordable prices, we aim to make your life easier! Performing excellent quality repairs that rejuvenate your property, we provide everything from bathroom repairs to furniture repairs and patio repairs! Let us help you to maintain your home to the best it can be!

Bathroom Repair Services

For all your bathroom service needs, we are the team to help. Offering an array of professional services that cover all repairs, installations, and refits required, we are known for our excellent service in remodeling bathrooms. Also offering grouting works that include thorough cleaning and color sealing, we will rejuvenate your bathroom to look as good as new. With affordable prices, make the most of the convenience of all tradesmen that you need in one place, rather than having to call around all over to source the work you need!

“Broward Handyman does my garden maintenance and it always looks so smart! They work hard and are very affordable.” – Ted F

“Broward Handyman was recommended to me by my sister. Now they have done both of our bathroom services, hers a complete refit that looks amazing, and mine a grout service that has rejuvenated the room. Thanks so much!”–Linda F

“I had Broward Handyman repair my drywall ceiling cracks and they did such a great job. I highly recommend their work.” – Beth P

Home Maintenance

Our home maintenance services cover all elements of your home. Able to deal with both internal and external issues, we offer every service from painting and decorating to repairs, installations, and odd jobs. Our goal is to ensure your home is exactly how you want and need it, and our home maintenance service ensures just that. Let us help you to keep everything running smoothly, making your day easier, and helping to make your home a safe and efficient place to be.

Odd Jobs

As your local handyman service, we are here to provide all your home repair needs, everything from large-scale jobs like bathroom installation through to those smaller tasks that just never quite get done. For a low cost, you can hire us to just whizz through those tasks that seem to be never achieved. From fixing a broken tap to installing a shelf or mowing your lawn, our team can provide all those detailed works that need doing but somehow never get done!

Drywall Repairs

Drywall is the material that many more modern houses will find their ceilings and walls are built from. If damage is to occur to it, such as cracks, holes, or leak damage, it is vital that you get in touch so that we can repair the structural damage immediately. Whether you require repairs or replacement panels, we are the team to help!

Handyman Services, You can Trust!

If you’re looking for a reliable Handyman Service in Hollywood, FL that can handle all your home repair needs, then we are the company to contact! We offer dependable and affordable services that will exceed your expectations. Contact us now for more information on our wide variety of products!

Our Process


Before any repairs are performed, an assessment is done to determine the needs of your project. Once we enter into a contract with each customer, our team will be able to provide you with any necessary paperwork needed for permits and other legalities that may come up during your job.


When it comes time for estimates, one of our specialists will give you all the information on how much particular services cost in order to help make your decision easier! Not only do they have an understanding of pricing but they also know which Handyman Services work best together depending on what type of project yours is.


We will then come up with a plan to complete your project. We provide different options for you such as budget, timeline, and other aspects that are important in completing the Handyman Services you need.


We will then arrange all of our scheduling so we can start working on your Handyman Services! Once everything is set in place we’ll give you an update on what work has been completed or if there are any issues along the way which may happen depending on time constraints, weather conditions, and more variables. If anything does arise from these situations we make sure it’s communicated to both parties immediately so they have all information possible about their project at hand!


Now onto coordination; once again this varies based on where the Handyman Services will be done but we try to do as much of the coordination for you as possible. This includes setting up all meeting points, coordinating with other contractors or suppliers that may need to come onto your property, and more! We want this process to run smoothly so there’s less stress on both parties involved in the Handyman Service project.


This is the part of the Handyman Services where we get to use our skills! We provide a wide range of skill sets and expertise, which can make any project from painting walls all the way up to installing new cabinets in your kitchen more enjoyable for you.

We're always there for you

And last but not least is customer service; it’s so important that whatever task or job needs to be done gets completed correctly (and on time!). That means if anything does happen along the way with communications, weather conditions, or even just pesky animals like squirrels getting into things while we work on-site – we’ll be sure to do everything possible to keep providing great quality Handyman Services until completion! So don’t hesitate to call us anytime day or night because we’re always there for you!

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If you are interested in any of our home repair  services, please do not hesitate to get in touch! With a vast array of services that we provide, our goal is to keep your property at its best, providing high-quality services with the best results, at low costs! Please use the phone number listed here on this website to contact us. Alternatively, you can use the online contact form and we will get back to you quickly. Once you have been in touch, the process is simple to arrange an appointment, and then the countdown is on for your home to be serviced to perfection by us!